Hello, mColin FeldmannMy name is Colin Feldmann and here you will catch me talking about all clean and eco-friendly aspects of everyday live. People who know me call me an “eco-freak” guy who want to pass its passiont to everyone meet on his road.

I was a community organizer for nineteen years prior to becoming a clean energy big fan.

I’m married (love U Alison!) and have two children – Rebecca and Tim.

What is this blog about?

Here, on my blog you will find a lot of good read about clean energy itself and all eco-related topics. I call my posts Lessons, as I treat my blog as a green classroom.

For who this blog is?

If you are reading this, it’s a big chance you already are a fan of eco-living-style, and if not, I hope you will quickly do!

Thanks for dropping past my Blog! Have fun!