Class #5: Swaping Non-Eco Bulky Fridge with a Cooler This Summer

Hello and welcome to my next, fifth class! Since we have a hot summer this year, it’s worth to talk about smart ways of being more eco-friendly while saving money on electric bills.

How much energy does your fridge use to keep drinks cold? Drinks can take up nearly half the space in your fridge, which might mean that it’s working harder than it has to so it can keep things cold.

Some drinks, like cans of soda, don’t necessarily need to be kept in the fridge but you probably still want to keep them cool during those hot summer days. A good ice cooler can keep your drinks cool.

eco ice coolerWith the development of better insulating materials, the quality of ice coolers has improved over the past few decades.

Now it’s becoming increasingly popular to buy a cooler that can keep drinks and sandwiches cold for several days because they’re losing their reputation as being cheaply made and incapable of keeping food cool for very long at a time.

That means you can save money on keeping drinks cold because you’re both buying less ice and spending less money on the electric costs of cooling them cold in the refrigerator.

Benefits of Using An Ice Cooler or Ice Chest

The high-quality ones have good enough insulation to keep the ice frozen for as long as you need it in most cases. Many of the truly good ones can keep ice frozen for as long as ten days. That’s long enough for most road trips. Look for coolers that get good reviews from people who frequently take road trips lasting more than a week and you’ll have a good idea of how long they can hold ice.

You’ll have something on hand to keep perishables cold in an emergency. If you live in an area that has frequent blackouts during bad or especially hot weather, a few good ice coolers can save the food and drinks that will spoil most quickly if they aren’t kept cool. If you have an emergency such as a flood or storm that may have damaged your electrical system, it’s also a good idea to have a cooler on hand so that you can save what’s in your fridge.

You may think you’re spending too much money just to keep drinks cold. In fact, you’re probably right. Some drinks, like soda and beer, do fine in an ice cooler because they don’t have to be kept as cold as milk or juices to be refreshing. If you transfer them over to an ice cooler, you’ll not only be spending less money on the electricity needed to keep them cold, but you’ll also have more room in your fridge.

A lot of coolers and ice chests can have more space than you think. If you’re used to just hauling a cooler to work to hold your lunch or to the beach to hold a few beers, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of volume a cooler can have. Some of the most popular ones have a volume of more than 400 quarts.

What Should You Look For In An Ice Cooler?

What is the ice cooler normally used for? If you intend to keep drinks and/or food in the cooler long-term, you’ll want one with a good ice retention rating and enough volume to suit your needs. The larger, more durable ones with better ice retention will usually be better suited for storing drinks or food in. Also, be sure to consider the environment it will be used in. If you intend to move it around a lot or take it to the beach, see if you can find one that has wheels and a handle for more comfortable moving, but can stay in place when it’s not actually being moved.

Does it get good reviews? Look for reviews by people who have actually used that particular cooler because they’ll usually be brutally honest about the pros and cons. is another good place to look for honest reviews.

Can you inspect the cooler yourself? If you have the chance to look at the cooler in person, don’t be shy about looking it over and seeing if it’s large enough and feels sturdy. Sit on it. Stand on it. Put a few heavy things in it and move it around to see if you can handle it comfortably when it’s full. This will tell you a lot about how the cooler will perform at home.

When you’re looking for an ice cooler to store drinks in, you shouldn’t skimp and buy something that you don’t feel comfortable using just to save some money. Sure, you can and should set a reasonable price range so you can get a good deal for the money. However, if your maximum is a round figure, don’t let the fact that a cooler might be a few bucks over that turn you off if it’s perfect otherwise. Get the one that works best for you.